MemSQL 1.9 Release Notes

MemSQL 1.8 introduced native MemSQL replication and significant improvements to performance, memory footprint, and SQL surface area.

MemSQL 1.9 builds upon these improvements by improving subquery performance, recovery time, and SQL surface area.

MemSQL Engine Improvements

Parallel Log Recovery. MemSQL 1.9 will recover logs across databases in parallel.

Subquery Performance. MemSQL 1.9 subqueries run up to 10x faster via improvements to the underlying temporary table implementation.

SQL Surface Area
  • Support for more MySQL data types and built-in functions including SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and HAVING.
  • MemSQL now supports Wordpress.

Upgrading from MemSQL 1.8, 1c, or 1b

Upgrading from MemSQL 1.8, 1c, or 1b is extremely straightforward with mysqldump. Use --all-databases to dump the contents of every database in the system or --databases to specify the ones you want to migrate. You can then pipe this file directly into an instance of MemSQL 1.9 with the mysql client program and resume your workload against the new instance.

For detailed instructions on using mysqldump with MemSQL and MySQL, see Transitioning from MySQL to MemSQL.


MemSQL 1.9 cannot recover from a MemSQL 1b or 1.8 data directory directly. You must use a SQL-based tool like mysqldump to transfer data between two versions of the server.