Quick StartΒΆ


This documentation does not reflect the latest version of MemSQL.
This page refers to MemSQL 4.1.

For the latest MemSQL product documentation, visit http://docs.memsql.com/latest.

Welcome to the MemSQL Quick Start Guide. This section is a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the quickest way to install, configure and deploy MemSQL. MemSQL is designed to be deployed as a distributed cluster either on-premises or on cloud deployments that align with your existing infrastructure.

If you are a first-time MemSQL user, we recommend starting with the How MemSQL Works Section before proceeding with this tutorial.

To quickly deploy MemSQL, choose one of these options:

imgonprem Quick Start On-Premises
imgaws Quick Start with Amazon Web Services
imgdocker Quick Start with Docker
imgazure Quick Start with Microsoft Azure
imgawsmkt Quick Start on AWS Marketplace
imgazuremkt Quick Start on Azure Marketplace

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