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Connecting to Data Virtuality Pipes

Data Virtuality Pipes allow you to load data from your favorite datasources directly into MemSQL with just a few simple steps.

Pre-Connection Setup

Before getting started, be sure to contact Data Virtuality Support to ensure that the MemSQL Cloud Certificate is a part of the truststore for the machines Data Virtuality is running on.


Once you’ve verified Data Virtuality has the correct certificates and logged into your Data Virtuality Pipes account, use the following steps to get started with MemSQL:

  1. On the “Dashboard” screen, select “Configure Storage”. image

  2. Select “MemSQL” as your storage option. image

  3. Note the IP Addresses listed in the “Hints” section. You will need to add these IP Addresses to a MemSQL Cloud security group associated with your cluster to give Data Virtuality network access to your cluster. For more information, please see Managing Security Groups. image

  4. Fill out the appropriate text fields with the Host, User, Password, and Database you’d like Data Virtuality to write data to. Optionally check the SSL box under the “Advanced” section if you’d like to use SSL. image

  5. Select Connect to Finalize your connection.

You have now successfully connected your MemSQL cluster as a Data Virtuality Pipes Storage source. For more information on Data Virtuality Pipes, please see the Data Virtuality Resources.

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