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Connecting to Looker

You can use Looker to connect to the MemSQL cloud to explore your data. Before you start, gather the following information:

Configure Security Groups

In addition, make sure that the IP addresses used by the Looker service have been granted access to the MemSQL cloud cluster you wish to connect to. This can be done using the MemSQL Cloud Security Group Management tool. The addresses to open are described in the first section of the Enabling Secure Database Access topic for Looker. For more information on how to configure security groups, please see Managing Security Groups.

Connecting to Looker

SSL is currently not supported between the Looker service and MemSQL cloud. To enable non-SSL connections from Looker, contact

You can configure MemSQL to work with Looker, and then connect to MemSQL from Looker by following the Looker Documentation.

Contact for assistance with CREATE USER and GRANT operations that are not supported by the standard MemSQL cloud permissions for your cluster administrator user.

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