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Connecting to Talend with Open Studio

The first step to connecting Talend to MemSQL Cloud is to ensure you have correctly configured your MemSQL Cloud security groups to provide network access to the machine you will be running your Talend integration from. For more information, please see Managing Security Groups.

Connecting Using Talend Open Studio

Once you have successfully configured your clusters security groups to give network access to Talend, the first step is to find the MemSQL components in the Talend Palette. To do this, search for “MemSQL” in the Talend Palette search bar. image

Once you’ve located the MemSQL components, you can use the Talend Documentation to get started using Talend to read data to and from your MemSQL cluster.

Note that MemSQL cloud uses SSL. To configure this, you will have to and add addition SSL parameters to your JDBC connection string. Please follow the instructions below to configure.

Don’t Verify Server Certificate

If you do not wish verify the server certificate, you have to add verifyServerCertificate=false to your JDBC url. To do this:

  1. Select the “MemSQL Connection” component that you created following the instructions above.
  2. Click on the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  3. Add useSsl=true&verifyServerCertificate=false to the “Additional JDBC parameters” textbox. image

Verify Server Certificate

There are two steps to setting up Talend and MemSQL Cloud with SSL and server certificate verification:

  1. Download the MemSQL Cloud CA certificate.

  2. Use Java’s keytool to create a truststore. To do this, run keytool -import -alias memSQLServerCACert -file MemSQL_CA.pem -keystore truststore And follow the instructions given by the prompt.

  3. Click on the “Advanced Settings” tab for your MemSQL Connection component and add useSSL=true&trustCertificateKeyStoreUrl=file:///path/to/truststore&trustCertificateKeyStorePassword=yourPassword to the “Additional JDBC Parameters”. image

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