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Creating a Cloud Cluster

This topic describes how to create a new cluster in MemSQL Cloud.

  1. Go to the MemSQL Cloud Console and sign in.
  2. From the MemSQL Cloud Console, click Clusters on the left menu.
  3. From the Clusters pane, click the Create Cluster button on the top-right of the page. The Create a Cluster page appears.
  4. The Create a Cluster page provides two fields for the name of the cluster and an optional description. A Cluster Name must be unique within your MemSQL cloud account, and it may only contain alphanumeric and underscore characters. A Description can be up to 254 characters in length. Enter your desired name and description.
  5. Select the size of your cluster. There are five tiers comprised of one or more MemSQL Cloud Units (MCUs). For more information about these sizes, see Pricing and Billing.
  6. Once you’ve entered a name, optional description, and selected your cluster size, click the Continue button on the bottom-right of the page. The Set Cluster Credentials page appears.
  7. The Set Cluster Credentials page provides fields for an administrator username and password. These credentials are used to create an administrator user in the cluster, which can access the cluster from MySQL-compliant clients and drivers. Enter your desired administrator username, a secure password in both fields, and then click Confirm & Deploy.
  8. After clicking the Confirm & Deploy button, the cluster will be deployed. This process may take several minutes. In the meantime, you should assign a Security Group to the cluster so that it can be accessed by clients and drivers. For more information, see the Managing Security Groups topic.
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