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MemSQL Cloud FAQ

This topic contains the answers to frequently asked questions about MemSQL Cloud.

Does MemSQL Cloud run in its own data center or on a public cloud provider?

Currently, all clusters and the MemSQL Cloud Console are deployed on Amazon AWS services in the us-east-1 region. When you create a new MemSQL Cloud account, a corresponding Amazon AWS account and virtual private cloud (VPC) are provisioned. All clusters created within that account use the same underlying Amazon AWS account and are located within the same VPC.

How frequently will my databases be backed up?

Each database in a MemSQL Cloud cluster is backed up daily during the specified maintenance window, which is visible on the Cluster Overview page in the MemSQL Cloud Console. These automatic backups take a snapshot of your database, which includes all transaction logs recorded until the moment before the start of the backup operation.

What happens during the maintenance window, and how frequently does it occur?

Each cluster is assigned a weekly maintenance window, as specified in the Cluster Overview page in the MemSQL Cloud Console. During this maintenance window, your cluster’s host operating system and/or MemSQL itself may be updated. The maintenance window is a necessary part of ensuring cluster security and stability.

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