Developer Edition

MemSQL comes in two editions: Enterprise and Developer.


As of MemSQL 5.8, Community Edition was renamed Developer Edition. Its the same product with the same license terms described below.

MemSQL Enterprise is licensed by subscription. Enterprise comes with 24x7 phone and email support and production features like High Availability, Cluster Replication, and backups. See this section for more information about the MemSQL Enterprise Edition.

MemSQL Developer is a free downloadable version of MemSQL with unlimited scale that is authorized for evaluation purposes. It comes without high availability, backups, security, support, or warranties. All SQL features for development are included.

Download Developer Edition at

Those who want to receive help when using the Developer Edition can do so through the following mechanisms:

1. MemSQL Public Slack Chat

To connect with the community in real-time, join our public Slack group at MemSQL experts monitor the chat room during business hours in California.

2. Ask StackOverflow

We and other MemSQL experts are active on the StackOverflow community. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our documentation, just ask a question. Make sure to tag it with #memsql!

3. Send us some feedback

Send an email to, or go to this page to send feedback through your web client.

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