Installing and Configuring MemSQL Ops

With the latest version of MemSQL, installing and configuring MemSQL is tightly integrated with MemSQL Ops. As such, all the steps needed to install MemSQL Ops are also the steps in the Quick Start On-Premises guide. This section will not attempt to repeat the information in that section; it will just point to relevant content in the Installation Guide.

MemSQL Ops can be installed online or offline. The best user experience is achieved with installing MemSQL Ops online.

MemSQL Ops supports Chrome and Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported.

Online Installation

To perform a fully online installation, you need to have the following:

  1. a working internet connection through which MemSQL Ops can download MemSQL database binaries and validate license keys
  2. SSH connectivity between MemSQL nodes in a cluster
  3. sudo access on each of the nodes

If your system meets these conditions, follow the steps in the Quick Start On-Premises guide.

Offline Installation

If your system does not meet one or more of the conditions for a full online installation, see the Full Installation Guide guide.

Installation Best Practices

To learn more about MemSQL Ops and MemSQL installation best practices, see the Installation Best Practices section.

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