Schema Explorer Page


As of MemSQL 6.7, MemSQL Ops is a deprecated tool. You are encouraged to use the new MemSQL management tools for future deployments and cluster management operations. See the installation guides for more details on how to deploy and manage a cluster using the new management tools.

The Schema Explorer page in MemSQL Ops shows information about the databases, tables and columns currently in the MemSQL cluster. The Schema Explorer page is located under Explore in the MemSQL Ops web interface.

The main section shows all the user-created databases in MemSQL. image

Clicking on any of the database names shows additional information about it, including a list of all the tables it contains, and the amount of system resources it consumes. image

Finally, clicking on any of the table names in the database view shows additional information about the table, including a list of all table columns, the amount of system resources it consumes, and the DDL statement used to create the table. image

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