MemSQL Studio Release Notes


MemSQL Studio is designed to work with MemSQL 6.5 or later and is only supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers at this time.

Maintenance Release Changelog

2018-12-04 Version 1.4.0

  • Adds information about Stored Procedures, UDFs, UDAFs and Pipelines to the Schema Explorer
  • Adds the ability to see the SHOW CREATE statement of any Pipeline
  • Adds new data from query plans in the Visual Explain sidebar
  • Fixes a bug where JSON-type columns were incorrectly displayed in the Schema Tree
  • Updates Visual Explain executor icons
  • Fixes a bug where switching to the Connection tab in the bottom panel would reload certain pages
  • Fixes a bug where the bottom panel’s console was not focused when opened
  • Fixes a bug where the Schema Explorer would not work if there were any UDAFs in the cluster
  • Fixes a bug where the Visual Explain sibling order was not correct for certain plans

2018-11-20 Version 1.3.4

  • Fixes a bug where the Schema Explorer would crash on clusters with particular schemas
  • Fixes a bug where reloading the “Nodes Status” page would reset the sorting order of the table

2018-11-06 Version 1.3.3

  • Fixes binary data conversions
  • Added support for displaying free licenses

2018-11-05 Version 1.3.2

  • Fixes input not being focused when opening console in bottom panel
  • Fixes error when rendering the Sample Tab for a table with a blob type column
  • Adds default order by role in “Nodes Status” page

2018-11-01 Version 1.3.1

  • Fixes /var/lib/memsql-studio being incorrectly owned by the root user in RPM installs
  • Fixes error when connecting to a new cluster as a user with a password

2018-10-31 Version 1.3

  • Adds a Sample Data tab to tables and views in the Schema Explorer
  • The SQL Editor’s buffer is now persisted between page reloads
  • Fixes a bug where the SQL Editor and console connections would not restore after the connection to the MemSQL cluster is dropped
  • Fixes the error codes shown to users in the SQL Editor and the console to match MemSQL’s error codes
  • Shows an error message instead of “No Databases” if fetching schema tree database information fails
  • Fixes various small visual inconsistencies in the icons and text of Visual Explain
  • Adds support for clicking on the entire top bar of the bottom panel to resize it
  • Adds CPU Usage as a default column in Resource Usage

2018-10-02 Version 1.2

  • Adds support for MemSQL 6.7 clusters
  • Adds support for both EXPLAIN and PROFILE plans generated by MemSQL 6.7
  • Updates Visual Explain icons
  • Fixes bug with parsing subselects in query plans
  • Modals can now be closed by clicking outside them
  • Adds support for reading long cluster titles in the sidebar
  • Clicking on the MemSQL icon now goes to the Dashboard
  • Clicking on the cluster name in the sidebar now opens the Cluster Switcher dropdown
  • Increases the number of results shown per page in the SQL editor to 30

2018-08-31 Version 1.1

  • Adds Visual Explain — a new feature which allows users to visually analyze query plans (either PROFILE or EXPLAIN outputs)
  • Adds ability to load and save SQL files into the SQL Editor
  • Fixes a bug where users could submit the Add New Cluster form before it was filled in
  • Fixes the calculation of some metrics in Schema Explorer
  • Adds commands to the CLI that return the MemSQL Studio’s version and commit hash
  • Adds MemSQL Studio’s commit hash to the UI
  • Fixes the default config file to be valid HCL
  • Fixes small styling issues across all pages
  • Fixes small bugs across all pages

2018-08-06 Version 1.0.1

  • Initial release of MemSQL Studio.
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