MemSQL Toolbox Reference

The tools in the MemSQL toolbox allow you to perform cluster management operations for setup, configuration, and diagnostics. Operations are done through CLI commands, which allows them to be easily scriptable for a variety of deployment environments and scenarios. The tools themselves are part of the memsql-toolbox package, which is available through Apt and Yum repositories for easy integration with existing workflows.

The MemSQL management tools are as follows:

  • memsql-toolbox-config: Performs host machine registration

  • memsql-deploy: Installs the memsql-server package that contains memsqlctl and the MemSQL database engine

  • memsql-admin: Helps you manage a MemSQL cluster

  • memsql-report: Collects and performs diagnostic checks on your cluster

To see how download, install, and use these tools to deploy a new cluster, visit the On Premises installation guides.

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