Checks the provided report for issues.


Available Checkers:

|                ID                 |                                   DESCRIPTION                                    |
| blockedQueries                    | Checks for processlist entries that are blocked from running, which can cause    |
|                                   | cascading failures within the cluster                                            |
| collectionErrors                  | Checks for errors that occurred during distributed collection                    |
| columnstoreSegmentRows            | Checks if variable 'columnstore_segment_rows' is same on all memsql nodes in     |
|                                   | the cluster. This subtle misconfiguration can cause problems when partitions are |
|                                   | copied between nodes of differing configuration. Having the merger run to change |
|                                   | segment sizes during a copy consumes additional resources which can cause high   |
|                                   | latency in the copy operation.                                                   |
| cpuFeatures                       | Checks if host CPUs have SSE4.2 and AVX2 instructions                            |
| cpuModel                          | Checks if CPU model is the same on all hosts in the cluster. This                |
|                                   | misconfiguration can cause clustering heartbeats to malfunction.                 |
| diskUsage                         | Checks free disk space.                                                          |
| failedBackgroundThreadAllocations | checks the MemSQL nodes' tracelogs for failed background thread allocations      |
| failureDetectionOn                | Check if failure detection is enabled on MemSQL nodes                            |
| filesystemType                    | Check if MemSQL node has its data on a supported filesystem                      |
| kernelVersions                    | Checks if there are consistent kernel versions on all hosts                      |
| leafPairs                         | Checks that leaf availability groups are distributed on different hosts          |
| mallocActiveMemory                | Check malloc_active_memory use from `SHOW STATUS EXTENDED`                       |
| maxMapCount                       | Check if vm.max_map_count is configured correctly                                |
| maxMemorySettings                 | Check maximum memory settings                                                    |
| maxOpenFiles                      | Check if open files ulimit is configured correctly                               |
| memsqlVersions                    | Check if MemSQL versions are consistent on all nodes.                            |
| minFreeKbytes                     | Check if vm.min_free_kbytes is configured correctly                              |
| missingClusterDb                  | Checks that each MemSQL node has a `cluster` database. A nonexistent cluster     |
|                                   | database indicates the replication tree for the cluster database is broken which |
|                                   | requires immediate intervention.                                                 |
| numaConfiguration                 | Checks numa binding configuration                                                |
| orchestratorProcesses             | Notes any orchestrator processes currently running                               |
| orphanDatabases                   | checks the cluster for orphan databases                                          |
| outOfMemory                       | Checks dmesg for out-of-memory events                                            |
| readyQueueSaturated               | Checks if ready queue is saturated by parsing max_connection_threads in `SHOW    |
|                                   | VARIABLES` and MemSQL tracelogs                                                  |
| replicationPausedDatabases        | Checks for databases in 'replication paused' state                               |
| swappiness                        | Check if vm.swappiness is configured correctly                                   |
| transparentHugepage               | Checks system transparent hugepage settings                                      |
| unkillableQueries                 | Checks for processlist entries with state 'Aborted' or 'Killed.' Aborted or      |
|                                   | Killed entries with a sufficient age (check 'TIME:') is typically indicative     |
|                                   | of an unkillable query. An unkillable query can block other operations from      |
|                                   | proceeding and lead to cascading failures.                                       |
| unmappedMasterPartitions          | Checks if there are any master partitions unmapped in the cluster. An unmapped   |
|                                   | master partition is typically indicative of a master partition which has been    |
|                                   | dropped using DROP PARTITION or the node hosting the partition is offine (e.g.   |
|                                   | the hosting leaf node crashed and remains offline). If a database contains an    |
|                                   | unmapped master partition that database will be offline.                         |
| unrecoverableDatabases            | Checks for unrecoverable databases in the cluster                                |


# Run a single checker
memsql-report check --only orchestratorProcesses

# Exclude specific checkers
memsql-report check --exclude minFreeKbytes --exclude maxOpenFiles

  memsql-report check [flags]

      --all                         Check everything
      --exclude VALUES              Exclude the specified checkers
  -h, --help                        help for check
      --include VALUES              Include the specified checkers
      --only VALUES                 Only run the specified checkers
  -i, --report-path ABSOLUTE_PATH   Read the report from the specified tarball or directory
      --show-skips                  Display more information about skipped checks

Global Flags:
  -c, --config FILE_PATH             the Toolbox configuration file path
  -j, --json                         Enable JSON output
      --parallelism int              Maximum amount of operations to be run in parallel
      --runtime-dir DIRECTORY_PATH   where to put Toolbox runtime data
      --state-file FILE_PATH         the Toolbox state file path
  -v, --verbosity count              Increase logging verbosity
  -y, --yes                          Enable non-interactive mode and assume the user would like to move forward with the proposed actions by default


This command is interactive unless you use either the --yes or --json flags to override interactive behavior.

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