Create a MemSQL node on a specific host


  memsql-admin create-node [flags]

      --auditlogsdir STRING    the auditlogs dir
      --bind-address STRING    the bind address
      --datadir STRING         the data dir
      --disable-auto-restart   disable automatic restarting of memsqld on error
  -h, --help                   help for create-node
      --host string            where to create the node
      --memsql-config STRING   the MemSQL config file path
      --no-start               don't start the node
  -p, --password STRING        the password
      --plancachedir STRING    the plancache dir
  -P, --port PORT              the port
      --tracelogsdir STRING    the tracelogs dir

Global Flags:
      --cache-file FILE_PATH         File path for the Toolbox node cache
  -c, --config FILE_PATH             the Toolbox configuration file path
  -j, --json                         Enable JSON output
      --parallelism int              Maximum amount of operations to be run in parallel
      --runtime-dir DIRECTORY_PATH   where to put Toolbox runtime data
      --state-file FILE_PATH         the Toolbox state file path
  -v, --verbosity count              Increase logging verbosity
  -y, --yes                          Enable non-interactive mode and assume the user would like to move forward with the proposed actions by default


Before running this command, MemSQL must be installed on the host first. Use memsql-deploy install to install MemSQL on the host machine.

This command is interactive unless you use either the --yes or --json flags to override interactive behavior.

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