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Replacing a MemSQL License

This page describes how to replace your MemSQL license.


If you are both replacing your license and upgrading MemSQL from version 3.2 or earlier, see Upgrading MemSQL from 3.2 and earlier.

Using MemSQL Ops

In MemSQL Ops, navigate to Settings > Licenses. From that screen, you can add a new MemSQL license. MemSQL Ops will then update all nodes in your MemSQL cluster asynchronously to use the new license.

Or you can use the CLI LICENSE-ADD command to add a new license:

$ memsql-ops license-add --license-key <license key>

Without MemSQL Ops

This process is configuration error prone and we recommend that you use MemSQL Ops to update your license instead. Only use this option if MemSQL Ops is unavailable.

  1. On each node in your cluster, replace the existing license in /lib with your new license.
  2. On each node in your cluster, run:
$ sudo service memsql update-license <path to new license>

MemSQL Ops does not allow the addition of 3.2 licenses into MemSQL 4+ nodes.

MemSQL licenses issued before the MemSQL 4 launch may still work with MemSQL 4. That said, we recommend that users update their license to a new MemSQL license when possible.

If you need a new license, contact

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