Setting or Replacing a MemSQL License


If you are managing your cluster with MemSQL Ops, go here instead.

This page describes how to set or replace your MemSQL license. If you need a new free or Enterprise trial license, go to the MemSQL Customer Portal. If you need a non-trial Enterprise license, contact

Setting a license

To update or replace your license, use the memsql-admin set-license command. Replace <license> with your license key from the MemSQL Customer Portal.

memsql-admin set-license --license <license>

This is the same process for both online and offline scenarios, and unlike previous licenses that shipped as part of the MemSQL tarball file, there is no license file that you need to keep track of on your host machines.

Determining capacity and usage for your license


If you have a unit-based license, you must upgrade to 6.7.13 or later to see your current usage compared to your license capacity; however, if you are using a RAM-based license, capacity and usage information is correctly reported for all versions of MemSQL 6.7.

Using MemSQL Studio

MemSQL Studio integrates with both RAM-based and unit-based licenses for reporting on capacity versus licensed usage. You can install and use MemSQL Studio with existing clusters managed by MemSQL Ops, or use Studio in new deployments managed by the new MemSQL management tools.

Using MemSQL directly

You can use SHOW STATUS EXTENDED LIKE "%capacity%" to see your license capacity compared to your current usage. For RAM-based licenses, you will see the following output:

| Variable_name            | Value     |
| License_capacity         | 131072 MB |
| Maximum_cluster_capacity | 131072 MB |
| Used_cluster_capacity    | 13314 MB  |

And if you have a unit-based license, you will see the following output:

| Variable_name            | Value   |
| License_capacity         | 4 units |
| Maximum_cluster_capacity | 4 units |
| Used_cluster_capacity    | 2 units |

License_capacity and Maximum_cluster_capacity is your allowed capacity, while Used_cluster_capacity shows what you have used against the capacity. In the second example, two out of four units have been used. A unit is a combination of compute (8 vCPU or less) and RAM (32 GB or less) and only applies to host machines that run leaf nodes.

To understand how nodes, host machines, and license units relate to each other, see the MemSQL FAQ.

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