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5.7 Release Notes

MemSQL 5.7 brings a number of improvements to query processing and performance, new query processing extensions, management enhancements, a new DATE_TRUNC function, and support for Amazon S3 as a data source for MemSQL Pipelines.


The MemSQL Terms of Service for this software have changed. By downloading and/or using the software, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the MemSQL terms of service.

Amazon S3 Pipelines

Amazon S3 support has been added for MemSQL Pipelines. MemSQL can now ingest objects from S3 buckets in a massively parallel way with exactly-once semantics. See the S3 Pipelines docs for more information, including a quickstart for how to start using an S3 pipeline immediately.

Query Performance Enhancements

Query performance has been improved through enhancements to the query optimizer:

Query Processing Extensions


The DATE_TRUNC(period, timestamp) built-in function is now supported. DATE_TRUNC returns the beginning of the specified period (e.g. the start of Monday for the period of ”week”). It supports grouping on rounded time buckets for convenient summary reports by day, week, etc. See the DATE_TRUNC docs for more information.

Manageability Enhancements

A distributed plan cache has been made available in information_schema. Two new system views are available:

Maintenance Release Changelog

The changelog below contains MemSQL Database improvements and bug fixes introduced in maintenance or revision releases. For a similar list for MemSQL Ops, see MemSQL Ops Releases.

2017-04-10 Version 5.7.5 (LATEST)

2017-03-09 Version 5.7.4

2017-02-08 Version 5.7.3

2017-01-26 Version 5.7.2

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