6.8 Release Notes

The primary improvements in the MemSQL 6.8 release are enhancements to HDFS pipelines security and improved ad hoc (first run) query performance.

See the descriptions and changelog below for more information on these new features, as well as the other new features in the 6.8 release.

Data Loading

  • Advanced HDFS Pipelines that import data from HDFS using Kerberos and wire encryption.
  • Performance improvements to Pipelines extractors

Query Optimization, Compilation, and Statistics

  • Can speed up ad-hoc (first query) run times by having queries interpreted and then dynamically compiled during first query execution. This behavior was available as experimental setting in MemSQL 6.7, but is production-ready and enabled by default in 6.8. See the interpret_first documentation for more details.
  • Performance improvements for some outer, anti-, and semi-joins
  • Performance improvements to ROLLUP and CUBE

Resource Governor Improvements

  • LOAD DATA operations run in the resource pool for the current connection where the load operation is running
  • Stored procedures run in the resource pool of the current connection from where they are called
  • Query optimization always runs in the resource pool of the current connection

Functional Extensions

  • A subquery does not require an alias, assuming that removing the alias doesn’t create ambiguity
  • Increased the precedence of || as concat (under sql_mode = PIPES_AS_CONCAT) to be compatible with MySQL and Postgres
  • Added SPLIT() and JSON_TO_ARRAY()
  • Enabled TO_DATE() to support format strings with time-related format options (HH, SS, etc.)
  • Enabled TO_DATE() to support the DD format option
  • Enabled TO_TIMESTAMP() to support YY and FF format options
  • Enabled TO_TIMESTAMP(), TO_DATE(), and TO_CHAR() to support the D format option
  • Enabled TO_TIMESTAMP() and TO_DATE() to support using different punctuation as separator
  • Enabled TO_TIMESTAMP() and TO_DATE() to raise an error instead of returning NULL for certain error cases
  • Enabled TO_CHAR() to support AM and PM
  • Modified how TO_TIMESTAMP() parses 12 when using the HH format option

Maintenance Release Changelog

2019-05-14 Version 6.8.1

  • Initial GA release of MemSQL 6.8
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