7.0 Beta 1 Release Notes

The MemSQL 7.0 Beta 1 release is the first publicly available release of MemSQL 7.0. The main focus for this release is on the much improved performance of synchronous replication and durability. Our synchronous replication now has only a minor performance penalty compared to our already fast asynchronous replication – giving you to better data consistency guarantees without incurring large performance penalties. You can read more about our improved synchronous replication here.


This beta release cannot be upgraded to or from other releases and is not supported for production use. You should test this release on a non-production cluster only.

In addition to synchronous replication, the following new features and improvements are available in the 7.0 Beta 1 release:

Query Execution

  • Improved Workload Management implementation that no longer needs to be tuned via the expected_num_aggs config option; the expected_num_aggs config option is now deprecated
  • Case-insensitive table names allowed in queries
  • Performance improvements for selective queries (i.e. queries with filters that match a low % of rows) for certain columnstore encodings (partial implementation of “Subsegment access”)

Data Loading

  • Performance improvements for bulk inserts, large insert/selects, LOAD DATA, and pipelines to columnstore tables (particularly for wide columnstore tables)
  • Improved error reporting for pipelines and LOAD DATA


  • Added a column to information_schema.TABLE_STATISTICS to indicate if a table is rowstore or columnstore

Maintenance Release Changelog

2019-05-30 Version 7.0.1

  • Cross-database views are now supported.
  • Hash indexes on columnstores are now supported.
  • Sparse rowstore compression is now supported.
  • Updated 7.0 beta 1 build with additional functionality and bug fixes. Documentation on new features will be added soon.
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