Start or continue replicating a database from a remote host to a local database.


REPLICATE DATABASE db_name FROM master_user[:master_password]@master_host[:master_port][/master_db_name]


  • db_name is the name of the target database on the slave MemSQL instance. REPLICATE DATABASE will always attempt to create a new database named db_name. The database name on the slave does not need to match the name of its corresponding remote master database.
  • MemSQL does not support granular security (see :ref:security_accounts), so master_user, master_password must grant access to the master database. The password is assumed to be “ if master_password is not specified explicitly.
  • master_host is the host name or IPv4/IPv6 pointing to the remote database. It can be quoted to allow special characters (e.g. “-”, among others).
  • master_db_name is the name of the remote, master database. If it is not specified explicitly, MemSQL attempts to replicate from db_name on the master MemSQL instance.
  • While replicating, the database is in the replicating state (see Database States).
  • The long form of CONTINUE REPLICATING can be used to re-point a slave from one master to another.


memsql> REPLICATE DATABASE ExampleDatabase FROM root@master-host:3306;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.32 sec)
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