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Setting up a MemSQL connection in Informatica Cloud involves two simple steps:

  1. Install and Configure an Informatica Cloud Secure Agent
  2. Create a Connection to a MemSQL cluster in Informatica Cloud

Step 1: Installing And Configuring An Informatica Cloud Secure Agent

The first step is to install and configure the Informatica Secure Agent. Note that this agent may be installed on a machine of your choosing and does not need to be co-located with your MemSQL cluster. A single Secure Agent may be used to connect to multiple MemSQL clusters.

The first step in this process is to download the most recent Secure Agent. To do so, select the Configure button from the top toolbar and choose Runtime Environments.


Click on the Download Secure Agent button to download the most recent version of the agent. Once you have downloaded the agent, detailed steps on how to install it may be found here.

Once installed and configured, your agent will be displayed in the list of Runtime Environments.

Step 2: Create A Connection To MemSQL In Informatica Cloud

Once you have successfully configured your secure agent, the next step is to create a MemSQL connection. Instructions to do so are below, and a video tutorial of how to do this may be found here.

  1. Click the Configure option in the top menu bar and select Connections to navigate to the connections page. image

  2. Select New to add a new connection. Give your a cluster a name, and choose MySQL as the Type. image

  3. Enter the connection properties for your cluster. Note that for Runtime Environment, you should choose the Environment created in the previous steps. For Code Page you should select UTF-8. image

  4. Click Test to test your connection.

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