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MemSQL Helios is the on-demand managed service version of MemSQL v6.8. It provides the same functionality, capabilities, ingest and query performance, scalability, and resiliency available through self-managed MemSQL clusters while handling all installation-, operation- and management-related details.

MemSQL Helios is designed and architected to tolerate and recover from failures. To maintain each cluster’s high availability (HA), MemSQL Helios runs on a cloud-native, highly resilient infrastructure with high availability built-in.

MemSQL Helios high-level features include:

  • A fully-managed and resilient MemSQL database that can scale as needed

  • Cluster configuration, sizing, deployment, and monitoring via a graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Cloud-agnostic deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with Azure support slated for 2020, and others over time

  • Secure, with encryption of all data at rest, and TLS/SSL encryption for over-the-wire connections to the cluster

  • Automated infrastructure provisioning, configuration, elastic scaling, backups, hardware maintenance and failure management, and upgrades of MemSQL, operating system, and related system software

Feature & Functionality Differences

Some features and functionality that are currently available in MemSQL are not available in MemSQL Helios:

MemSQL Feature Planned Potential Not Planned
Audit logging
Create users / grant permissions
Database replication
Custom transforms in pipelines ?
SAML-based authentication ?
Kerberos-based authentication
Linux PAM-based authentication
Filesystem (FS) pipelines
Local backup / restore
All cluster-level operations
Setting any cluster-level variables
Advanced Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
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