Start one or all MemSQL nodes on a host


  memsql-admin start-node [flags]

  -a, --all                                        start all nodes in the cluster
      --disable-auto-restart                       disable automatic restarting of memsqld on error
  -h, --help                                       help for start-node
      --memsql-id MemsqlID                         the MemSQL ID of the node
  -r, --role {master, aggregator, leaf, unknown}   Filter the nodes using this role (default Unspecified)

Global Flags:
      --cache-file FILE_PATH         File path for the Toolbox node cache
  -c, --config FILE_PATH             the Toolbox configuration file path
  -j, --json                         Enable JSON output
      --parallelism int              Maximum amount of operations to be run in parallel
      --runtime-dir DIRECTORY_PATH   where to put Toolbox runtime data
      --state-file FILE_PATH         the Toolbox state file path
  -v, --verbosity count              Increase logging verbosity
  -y, --yes                          Enable non-interactive mode and assume the user would like to move forward with the proposed actions by default


This command is interactive unless you use either the --yes or --json flags to override interactive behavior.

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