memsql-toolbox Release Notes

2019-10-09 Version 1.3.0

  • Added support for memsql-deploy setup-cluster to accept a YAML file with cluster configurations
  • Fixed a bug where memsql-report exits with a status of 0 if it fails
  • Fixed a bug that caused the output of memsql-report collect to be not parsable by memsql-report check
  • Added new collectors to memsql-report collect:
    • uptime
    • shutdownTime
    • rebootTime
  • Added new checkers to memsql-report check:
    • tracelogOOM
    • tracelogOOD
    • explainRebalancePartitionsChecker
    • longRunningQueries
    • detectCrashStackTraces
    • defaultVariables
  • Updated the checkers defaultKeepaliveSettings and defaultHeartbeatSettings to be part of defaultVariables checker

2019-09-03 Version 1.2.3

  • Fixed a bug where the output of memsql-report collect could be missing information.

2019-08-06 Version 1.2.2

  • Added support for rootless memsql-server installs using tar-based packages.
  • Added the --role flag to memsql-admin start-node to start the nodes by role.
  • Added the --role flag to memsql-admin stop-node to stop the nodes by role.
  • Added the Bind Address column to memsql-admin list-nodes output.
  • Updated memsql-admin delete-node to remove leaves and child aggregators from the cluster before deleting them.
  • Updated the sort order for memsql-admin list-nodes to be consistent with other commands.
  • Improved the readability of the License Expiration field in memsql-admin show-license.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the schema collector in memsql-report collect to not collect procedures from memsql-server version 6.7.11 and above.
  • Added new collectors to memsql-report collect:
    • explainRestoreRedundancy
    • explainRebalancePartitions
    • showClusterStatus
  • Added new checkers to memsql-report check:
    • delayedThreadLaunches

2019-04-22 Version 1.1.1

  • Added the --stop flag to memsql-admin delete-node to stop the nodes before deleting them.
  • Added the the --host, --port, --user, and --password flags to memsql-admin query for querying a node directly.
  • Added new checkers to memsql-report check:
    • disconnectedReplicationSlaves
    • interpreterMode
    • leafAverageRoundtripLatency
    • runningBackup
    • secondaryDatabases
    • validLicense
  • Updated checkers in memsql-report check:
    • blockedQueries also looks for sleeping threads with open transactions
    • offlineLeaves renamed to leavesNotOnline
  • Added table-based output for some memsql-report collectors.
  • Shortened the filenames inside a cluster report to avoid name length limits in archive files.

2019-03-19 Version 1.1.0

  • Fixed a bug that prevented NOPASSWD sudo from being considered passwordless sudo.
  • Added the memsql-admin query command.
  • Added more properties to memsql-admin list-nodes and memsql-admin describe-node.
  • Removed the swappiness checker. The setting it checked is not required by MemSQL 6.7.
  • Updated the informationSchemaPipelines collector to include information_schema.PIPELINES_CURSORS and information_schema.PIPELINES_FILES.
  • Added new collectors to memsql-report collect:
    • explainOrphanDatabases
    • informationSchemaMvQueries
    • licenseMetadata
  • Added new checkers to memsql-report check:
    • defaultHeartbeatSettings
    • defaultKeepaliveSettings
    • defaultWorkloadManagement
    • defunctProcesses
    • duplicatePartitionDatabase
    • failedCodegen
    • offlineAggregators
    • offlineLeaves
    • pendingDatabases
    • queuedQueries
    • userDatabaseRedundancy
    • versionHashes
  • Updated the report format to include the source paths of copied files.
  • Updated the env commands to include the resolved configFile location.

2019-01-08 Version 1.0.6

  • Updated memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box to set passwords that are required by memsqlctl create-node starting in MemSQL 6.7.8.
  • memsql-admin create-node now requires the --password flag.
  • Added the --base-install-dir flag to memsql-admin create-node.
  • Updated memsql-report collect --only to also include the memsqlctlInfo collector by default.
  • Added a safety check to memsql-deploy setup-cluster that prevents enabling High Availability with an odd number of leaves.
  • Added the --skip-disk-check flag to memsql-admin enable-high-availability.

2018-12-04 Version 1.0.5

  • Added support for advanced usage of memsql-admin register-node.

2018-12-04 Version 1.0.4 (internal only)

  • Added the attempted command string to error messages due to failed command execution.
  • Added support for running commands as a Linux user that is part of an unnamed group.
  • Fixed a bug in memsql-deploy install that improperly failed the installation if it was unable to add the target user to the memsql Linux group.
  • Added support for advanced memsqlctl configuration to memsql-report collect-local.
  • Reduced spurious errors from memsql-report check when memsqlctl is not installed on the target hosts.
  • Added support for changing the SQL root password on all nodes in the cluster with memsql-admin change-root-password.

2018-11-27 Version 1.0.3

  • Added advanced memsqlctl configuration flags to memsql-toolbox-config register-host.
  • Enabled parallelism for memsql-report collect.
  • Added the report file path to the output of memsql-report collect and memsql-report collect-local.
  • Fixed a bug in memsql-admin confirmation messages that incorrectly implied the use of --password when it was not used.

2018-11-20 Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed bug preventing the use of memsql-admin update-config --all.
  • Added “host” field to memsql-admin describe-node output.
  • Fixed a bug in memsql-deploy list-versions when there are no hosts registered.
  • Changed permissions logic to use memsqlctl configuration to determine the correct user and group for remote commands.

2018-11-09 Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed bug causing Toolbox to assume passwordless sudo if there were cached sudo credentials in the current session.

2018-11-06 Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release of memsql-toolbox.
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