MemSQL Studio Security


MemSQL Studio is designed to work with MemSQL 6.5 or later and is only supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers at this time.

MemSQL Studio is a visual SQL client that connects to your MemSQL clusters. As such, it defers to your MemSQL clusters for authentication. To login to a MemSQL cluster from Studio, you must use the same username and password that you would use when connecting through an application such as the MySQL client, and the host value should either be a wildcard, or the host of the machine running Studio. This ensures that only users with proper permissions on the proper hosts can access MemSQL clusters using MemSQL Studio. See Securing MemSQL for more details on configuring MemSQL user accounts.

Once logged in, all queries Studio runs against MemSQL clusters are run using the user’s cluster credentials. This ensures that any user permissions on the cluster are respected. Users can only see data they would be able to query from the command line because Studio does not have any additional access to the database beyond the user’s connection.

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