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MemSQL Helios does not support this command.

Update or add a MemSQL database configuration as specified in the memsql.cnf configuration file.


usage: memsql-ops memsql-update-config [--settings-file SETTINGS_FILE]
                                       [--async] [--all] [--no-prompt] --key
                                       KEY [--value [VALUE]] [--delete]

Change a config value for a MemSQL node.

positional arguments:
  memsql_id             The ID of the MemSQL node whose config you'd like to

optional arguments:
  --settings-file SETTINGS_FILE
                        A path to a MemSQL Ops settings.conf file. If not set,
                        we will use the file in the same directory as the
                        MemSQL Ops binary.
  --async               If this option is true, we will exit without waiting
                        for MemSQL to have its config changed.
  --all                 Update all MemSQL nodes' configs in the cluster.
  --no-prompt           Skip interactive prompts if ID is not provided. This
                        should be used for non-interactive scripts and
  --key KEY             The name of the config variable that you'd like to
  --value [VALUE]       The value of the config variable that you'd like to
                        set. If you pass in this option but do not give a
                        value, we will set the config variable to an empty
  --delete              If this value is passed in, we will delete the given
                        variable from the config instead of setting its value.
  --set-global          If this value is passed in, we will also attempt to
                        run SET GLOBAL <key>=<value> on the MemSQL node, if it
                        is running.