MemSQL Kubernetes Operator Release Notes

The changelog for the MemSQL Kubernetes operator is listed here. To learn how to use the operator, see the Kubernetes deployment guide.

2019-10-14 Version de65d489

  • Added support for the --fs-group-id flag, which allows you to inject an additional group id into the container running MemSQL. This is used to ensure that the process inside the container has the correct permissions to read/write to the /var/lib/memsql volume.
  • Added support for additional control over the services used to handle DDL and DML queries from client applications. These controls are specified in a new key in the MemsqlCluster spec called serviceSpec. The fields and usage of this are described in the Kubernetes deployment guide.
  • The top level attributes loadBalancerSourceRanges and serviceObjectMetaOverrides used in the MemSQLCluster spec are now deprecated. Use serviceSpec moving forward.
  • Some global variables can now be specified through the new attribute globalVariables. The supported variables are: license_visibility, default_partitions_per_leaf, columnstore_segment_rows, columnstore_flush_bytes, columnstore_window_size, transaction_buffer, and snapshot_trigger_size. For more information, see the Kubernetes deployment guide.
  • The attributes license and adminHashedPassword can now can be specified through secrets. To do this, use the alternative attribute licenseSecret or adminHashedPasswordSecret.
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