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Install Replicate

Obtain Replicate

Contact your MemSQL AE or SE if you are interested in using the replicate tool.

Install Replicate

Replicate does not require Administrator privileges to install or run, and can be installed via the following steps:

  1. Create a working directory for Replicate on your machine.

  2. Download the ZIP file of the release (replicate_<version>.zip) into the working directory.

  3. Extract the contents of replicate_<version>.zip into the working directory. This working directory (replicate_<version>) is Replicate’s HOME directory.

  4. Place the license file (replicate.lic) in Replicate’s HOME directory. Note: Do not rename or modify the license file.

Sample configuration, filter, and mapper files are included with the MemSQL Replicate ZIP file in the following folders:

├── conf					    ← Configuration files
│   ├── applier				    ← Applier configuration file
│   │   └── applier.yaml
│   ├── conn				    ← Database connection files
│   │   ├── memsql.yaml
│   │   ├── oracle.yaml
│   └── extractor			    ← Extractor files
│       ├── memsql.yaml
│       └── oracle.yaml
├── filter					    ← Filter files
│   ├── filter_example.yaml
│   └── filter_format.yaml
└── mapper					    ← Mapper files
       ├── mapper_example.yaml
       └── mapper_format.yaml

Note: The connection (conn) config files can be reused when both the source and the destination databases are the same. For example, to replicate databases from A → B → C, where database B is the destination of the first replication and also the source of the second replication, the same conn configuration file can be used.

Run Replicate

  1. Change to Replicate’s HOME directory.

  2. In Replicate’s HOME directory, run:

    ./bin/replicate [parameters]