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View the Dashboards

When all cluster monitoring components are installed, configured, and running, the Grafana dashboards can be used to monitor MemSQL cluster health over time.

Identify Trends

Each dashboard provides insights that can be used to identify trends that may require intervention, including:

Dashboard Use
Active session history View current and past session wait events that can be used to identify databases and activities that consume considerable resources.
Activity history View the timeline of query statistics and identify if the performance of a single activity has regressed over time.
Detailed cluster view View detailed system statistics of your entire cluster and compare high-level views of CPU, memory, and network usage against query rate, write/read volume, and query workload management.
Information schema view View the information schema’s process list and table statistics and identify statistics about table size in terms of rows and memory.
Memory usage View overall memory usage of the cluster and discover all possible buckets where memory is allocated (tables, queries, etc.).
MemSQL status and variables view View all global statuses and variables, including ON/OFF values.
Node breakout View high-level resource usage per node, including host statistics from MV_SYSINFO_ tables.
Node drilldown Drill down on resource usage per node.

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