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SingleStore allows you to support large-scale Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). SingleStore is a continuing evolution of the columnstore, supporting transactional workloads that would have traditionally used the rowstore.

Although rowstores are well-suited for transaction processing, it can be costly to store large datasets in rowstores, as they store all data in RAM. Because columnstores are disk-based, it is more economical to store data in columnstores as opposed to rowstores.

Current Features in SingleStore

Currently, SingleStore has five features that allow columnstores to process transactional workloads more efficiently:

Additionally, sparse compression for rowstores enables wide tables with a large percentage of NULL values to be stored in as little as half of the RAM.

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See MemSQL SingleStore – And Then There Was One for additional information about (1) using columnstores with hash indexes, sub-segment access, and fine-grain locking to enable OLTP operations on data bigger than will fit in RAM, and (2) using SPARSE rowstore compression to reduce TCO for rowstore tables with many NULL values.