Build Receipt Schema


This topic does not apply to MemSQL Helios.

MemSQL is packaged as a compressed tar archive, or tarball, which contains its executable binaries. This tarball also contains metadata about MemSQL in a file named build_receipt.json.

The contents of the memsqlbin_amd64.tar.gz file are extracted to a folder named memsqlbin, and the build_receipt.json file is located in the following path: memsqlbin/utils/build_receipt.json

Example build_receipt.json File

The contents of an example build_receipt.json file are shown below:

	"memsql_version_hash": "03e5e3581e96d65caa30756f191323437a3840f0",
	"license": {
		"license_key": "efd123ac123c42b123f21c89a123dde7",
		"expiration": 1488676339,
		"capacity_mb": 1048576
	"disable_tracking": false,
	"version": "5.7.2",
	"enterprise": true,
	"custom_build": false,
	"resources": {
		"binary": "memsqlbin_amd64.tar.gz",
		"receipt": "build_receipt.json",
		"license": "license"

build_receipt.json Schema

The following table describes the schema of the build_receipt.json file.

JSON Key Description
memsql_version_hash The unique hash that identifies the MemSQL build contained in the tarball. For example: 03e5e3581e96d65caa30756f191323437a3840f0
license_key The license key that will be used when MemSQL is installed. For example: efd123ac123c42b123f21c89a123dde7
expiration The Unix timestamp that indicates when the specified license will expire. For example: 1488676339
capacity_mb Specifies the maximum RAM capacity allowed for the current license in megabytes (MB). For example: 1048576
disable_tracking Specifies whether anonymous usage statistics will be sent back to MemSQL’s server. Possible values are true or false.
version The MemSQL version number associated with the binaries contained in the tarball. For example: 5.7.2
enterprise Specifies whether the binaries are associated with an Enterprise license or not. Possible values are true or false. If set to false, the Developer edition version is implied, and no license key and values are required.
custom_build Specifies whether the binaries were created for a custom build that differs from generally available release versions. Possible values are true or false.
binary Specifies the filename for the source tarball. For example: memsqlbin_amd64.tar.gz
receipt Specifies the name of the build receipt file. Example: build_receipt.json
license Refers to the license key, which may or may not be present depending on the MemSQL Ops version number and whether you have an Enterprise license or not.