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MemSQL Studio SQL Editor


MemSQL Studio is designed to work with MemSQL 6.5 or later and is only supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers at this time.

The MemSQL Studio SQL Editor page is a feature of MemSQL Studio that allows customers to edit and run and SQL queries against their MemSQL clusters.

The editor in this page works like a worksheet where users can type in multiple SQL queries and then choose which queries they want to run. By default, MemSQL Studio will run only one query (whichever one is being highlighted in the editor). However, users can also select more than one query using their mouse cursor in order to run multiple queries sequentially.

Creating and Running a Stored Procedure

In order to create a Stored Procedure in the SQL editor, simply paste a regular CREATE PROCEDURE block into the editor:

CREATE PROCEDURE charge_account(id BIGINT, amount DECIMAL(18,4)) AS
    balance_tbl QUERY(bal DECIMAL(18,4)) =
      SELECT remaining_balance
      FROM account_balance
      WHERE account_id = id;
    balance DECIMAL(18,4) = SCALAR(balance_tbl);
    updated_balance DECIMAL(18,4) = balance - amount;
    IF balance > amount THEN
      UPDATE account_balance
      SET remaining_balance = updated_balance
      WHERE account_id = id;
    END IF;
  END //

Then, you can either select and execute the entire block or simply place the editor cursor anywhere in between the // delimiters and click Run.

Finally, running the stored procedure works like running any query. Simply type CALL charge_account(1, 200.0000); into the SQL Editor and click Run.